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All Tax Consulting Ltd operates mainly in Asia, Americas and Europe.
All Tax Consulting Ltd has built a long term relationship with different international tax authorities and with its work, the company has gained their trust.
All Tax Consulting Ltd’s experts follow each change in the field of international VAT recovery and the financial and technical expertise of the team guarantee tax compliancy for our clients and maximum VAT reclaim.
Our long experience has shown that a stable growth is possible only through a lot of work, loyalty, and strong partners.
Therefore, ATC team is determined to fully protect the interests of its clients and to fight until the end for every euro and every cent.


About us

All Tax Consulting team, also known as ATCteam, consists of professionals in the field of customs/VAT, international communication, economics, trade & business development. Every member of the team contributes with their personal qualities, contacts and experience to the success of the client’s business. All Tax Consulting Ltd’s sales team is ready for preliminary meetings where you can receive answers to your questions and a competitive proposal for a long term relationship.

Our services

Thanks to many years of experience, ALL TAX CONSULTING experts strive for the perfect fulfillment of your needs related to VAT refunds and VAT refunds for transport companies. It is of paramount importance to pay the necessary respect and attention to each client and to successfully recover theyr VAT attributable to the accounting section business trips, travel expenses, hotel services, food, excise duty and more. Browse our services and find the one you need.

frequently asked questions


1 What is VAT?
Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax, charged on most goods and services traded in the EU. The tax is levied on the ‘value added’ to the product at each stage of production and distribution. This means that VAT is charged when VAT-registered businesses sell to other businesses (B-2-B) or to the final consumer (B-2-C). VAT is intended to be ‘neutral’, in that businesses are able to reclaim any VAT that they pay on goods or services. Ultimately, the final consumer should be the only one who is actually taxed. Businesses are given a VAT identification number and have to show the VAT charged to customers on the invoices. The VAT system in the EU is governed by a common legal framework.
2 How can ATCTеам help?
VAT refund rules are extremely complex and vary across countries. Using its expert knowledge, proven processes and clear procedures, ATCteam has successfully put in place the VAT recovery process through it’s intelligent software tool ‘All tax data’. ATCteam provides full insight and facilitates complete control of a company’s VAT spend, making the recovery process more productive while incresaing the VAT potential on an yearly basis.
3 Who is entitled to a VAT refund?
Most business entities around the world will qualify for a refund. However, the VAT refund rules vary significantly from country to country and are very complex. Contact ATCteam Refund to verify your business entity’s eligibility.
4 How do the VAT refund procedures work?
Most companies that incur the VAT are entitled to apply for a refund. A claim has to be filed with the local tax authorities, usually in the local language. The original invoices must be submitted with the claim, including signed refund forms. The tax authorities will process the claim, and grant the refund.
5 How can we know how much VAT refund our company may be able to claim?
Estimates of the VAT refund potential can be done and in most cases ATCteam can provide your company with a free estimate.
6 I am established in a European Member State. Can I reclaim VAT paid in another country?
Yes. In this case, three scenarios are possible.

Scenario 1: You are VAT registered in this country. In this case you have to inject the expenses and the related input VAT into your local VAT returns.

Scenario 2: This country is a European Member state but you are not registered there. In this case, as a foreign company, you will have to submit a VAT claim through the European VAT refund procedure. Start preparing and sending this claim here.

Scenario 3: It is a third country (non EU) and you are not registered there. In this case, if the country has a reciprocity policy in place with your country, you are allowed to claim your VAT back under a specific procedure.


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