VAT refund of
transport companies

Al Tax Consulting Ltd. VAT refunding for transport companies

Why refund VAT? Which VAT is refundable?

By refunding VAT on your business spend in Europe, you can reduce up to 27% by claiming back the VAT charged on a number of services.

In accordance with European legislation, you can refund the VAT paid on expenses such as for:

Repair, spare parts,lubricants
Rent a car
Revenue tax
Road taxes
Travel taxes
Hotel services
Public transport / Taxi
Professional services

Recovery of VAT in EU

Your business can easily recover VAT on services that are often logged in to the Travelers’ accounting column and archived as such. VAT is recoverable in all EU Member States and third countries, including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, etc.


This is where
we intervene

Solving tax problems across the EU our hobby and passion.

We take care of our customers by strictly checking the required requisites on their invoices, dealing with the adjustments whenever this required, and ongoing contact with tax offices in the countries where VAT is refundable.
You will easily find out how much of the refundable VAT you are actually recovering through our “Free Spent Calculation”


What is our cause?

All this will not cost you much time and resources because we at ATCteam are committed to the cause. Your tax obligations become ours and you have more time to focus on your core business.

It is estimated that billions of euro of VAT paid within the EU remains unclaimed and so we strive to ensure our clients lose not a singe cent