VAT refunds


ATCteam’s attention is directed towards the needs of the corporate business in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

Registered companies have a great deal of travel expenses from EU countries often with a lot of VAT, and, in most of the cases the incurred costs have VAT which can be reclaimed fully or partially, depending on the type of expense and country.

The process of reclaiming the VAT is time consuming and requires a great deal of effort to identify one’s eligibility for a successful refund, so many companies choose not to go through the hassle.

Expenses with accrued recoverable VAT are most common in:

Flight expenses
Travel taxes
Hotel services

VAT refunds in the European Union

Your business can easily recover VAT on services that are often logged in to the Travelers’ accounting column and archived as such. VAT is recoverable in all EU Member States and third countries, including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, etc.


How we work

Regardless whether the expenses incurred abroad are paid via bank transfer, corporate card or cash, ATCteam can provide a detailed analysis through software program called ‘Six-point VAT analysis’.

‘Six-point VAT analysis’ includes a verification process, performed through a software engine, called ‘All Tax Data’. Through our software engine, we can revise not only the physical documents but all payments made through credit/debit cards and bank transfers.  Through our software program, the information is revised country by country and in addition, the data is analyzed by tax experts which fully guarantee the approval of the claims with zero risk.Over 50% of the invoices we receive,  contain in compliant details leading to less refund for our clients. That is why ATCteam offer free educational courses. With our learning programs, we give our customers specific tips when it comes to international travel for the purposes of a successful tax recovery.The educational program includes specific instructions for the countries visited by our clients and guidance on how to collect compliant documents.

Currently ATCteam operate in all EU member states and work with experts in different tax fields including international VAT reclaim, VAT registration, payrolls and accounting services, GDPR implementation.


Successfully recoverable VAT

The main reason for working on a percentage of successfully recoverable VAT is the customer’s guarantee for maximum recoverable VAT.

Most accounting firms and companies operating on the Bulgarian market charge a flat fee for submitting applications to the relevant tax offices. These same companies choose to include only those costs that they consider VAT to be recoverable and choose not to make a detailed analysis of the costs incurred, thereby significantly reducing the recoverable tax.

In some cases, up to 50% of the real recoverable costs are missed. ATCteam works with experts with real-world experience and expertise in the field of VAT, taking into account the latest developments introduced by EU Member States. With ATCteam VAT Reimbursement Services, you receive maximum VAT reimbursement of your eligible business expenses and speed in resolving cases of incorrectly charged VAT, invoices with missing details and processing of applications.